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Social media and shopping benefits


Social media is the latest and the most talked about buzzword of 21st century. Facebook, twitter and many other social networking sites have changed our lives like never before. You can forget to eat your breakfast one day, but surfing on the social media, Never!! The friends, the groups, voting, discussions, likes, comments are like our lifeline today.

And if social media is excelling, so is social shopping. Social shopping is gaining a lot of momentum these days but what exactly it is?? It is the combination of social media and e-commerce. Basically, social shopping is essentially mixing the aspects of social networking, your friends, groups, discussions and making all of them work for the best activity in the whole world “shopping”!!

Social shopping can be of many types like actual shopping on social networking site or writing and reading product reviews or price comparisons. There a number of shopping benefits that social media offers. Some of the essential benefits are listed below:

1)      Bringing everything at one place:

Social networking is way better than the old fashioned web shopping because everything is available at one place, your family, friends and relatives. And, it offers almost all types of products- clothes, cosmetics, jewellery, furniture etc. at one single site.  So now, you don’t have to flip from site to site, in search of the desired product. You can also seek your friend’s opinion on the product that you want to buy. Just show him/her your shopping bag and their opinion.

2)      Learn from others experience:

While shopping through social media, you get to read the product reviews and price comparisons by many customers. Whenever, you are going in to buy some product, such reviews and feedback may prove really beneficial for prospective customers. Basically, you can learn from others experiences whether good or bad. The word of mouth works extremely well on social media. It has the power to make or break a product/service. 

3)      Find the best prices and offers:

Another benefit that social shopping offer is that it brings the best possible deals and prices for the customers. Because of the tremendous competition in this area, the companies are always on their toes and there is cut throat competition which actually proves to be extremely beneficial for the customers. They get the best products at the least prices possible. And this is not all, there are numerous deals and offers that lure the customers to shop more on social media.

4)      It is fun:

Shopping is always fun but social shopping is double fun. Firstly, you don’t have to sweat on the streets to buy something. Secondly, you are just a click away from the latest fashion trends around the world. Thirdly, it is amazing to see what others are buying and flaunting your own shopping bag. And last but not the least, the social media contests that offer you free deals and coupons is exceptionally good. You just can’t stop yourself from indulging into this shopping spree.

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