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Social Network and Effect on the Family Life

Social network is a virtual structure where different people are connected with each other. Most of them are connected through a relationship, financial exchange, common interest, by friendship, religious belief, or sexual relationship.

Social networking has become a major part of the society, and even celebrities and businesses are jumping to it. Many people woke up the morning and immediately visit their accounts in social media websites before doing anything else. According to some studies, internet users across the world spend almost 22% of their time surfing the internet, especially social networking sites. Since the use of the internet has become common, most people are spending a large percentage of their time on social networking sites. In this regard, it is only appropriate to point out the negative and positive effects of social media to life of a person.

The primary positive effect of social networking to life of people is it helps businesses in various ways. It is undeniable that many people have obtained fortune through making business online. Traditional advertising mediums such as magazine ads and TV and radio commercials can cost thousands of dollars while advertising on social networks can be made for free. Social networking websites allow small business owners to connect with their prospective clients for free. This enables people to gain sales and profit from nothing, but time and energy. Social network makes the life of people in doing business extremely easy.

While social networks help people in doing business, it still has downside. One of the concerns of people about social networking is that it can be addictive. Spending plenty of time in social networking sites can make people lose their focus on studies, work, and all-around home tasks. Like most things in the world, social networking should be used with moderation. Social networking can cause a series of problems to the life of a person if becomes an addiction. A person addicted to it can have reduced time of sleeping, ignore friends or family, or even lose focus on normal things that he/she do in daily life.

Another negative effect of social media network to the life of a person is sharing too much information. People can actually lose their friendship, relationship, and even work over personal information leaked on social networks. Even those people with thorough privacy setting over their social media account are still prone to personal information leakage. Sharing too much on social media websites can actually ruin your life.

Despite this risk, social networking still provides benefits to businesses. As a matter of fact, social networking serves as an equalizer to marketing and publishing. Social network puts the world’s promotion and publication into an equal platform. Before the social network is introduce to public, the world’s promotion and publication were dominated by celebrities and industry business leaders.

Today even those simplest individuals can create their own products and market it online. The eBooks has become popular, and it is easy for book authors to publish their work. When the social network has not yet introduced, unknown authors are required to publish their book and obtain copyright from publishing houses. This is actually expensive while publishing eBook can be done for free. Anyone can publish his/her eBook on social media websites with ease and no cost at all.

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