What is VoteMeYO?

"VoteMeYo is an engaging social network devoted to make your voice heard and your opinions taken into consideration. We offer you the chance of becoming a valuable member by taking part and expressing yourself in matters related to every sphere of your daily life. Discussing music, artwork, shopping, hairstyles, relationships, movies, food, sports, news .. etc, has never been as fun. You can now create your own questions and parleys through a variety of options given to you free of charge. With just simple clicks you will be given the choice to be published through (Yovote, Yopinion, Yolike or Yochoose). Add some text, upload your media, using our uploader or media search tool, choose a category, a few other details and your set to go! We are combining the breadth and speed of the shared opinions, tons of simultaneous conversations sparked around subjects that matters. And just as quickly, the conversations turn into meaningful connections between like-minded individuals. Today, VoteMeYo is a exciting place where you’ll win interesting giveaways as well as discovering people via an insanely engaging and instantaneous experience. Let the excitements begin and don’t forget that your participation will always be rewarded.
If you are not a member yet, we welcome you to join a vibrant community that loves engaging in the simple act of voting, thumbing to help others, to express their unique personality, to connect with like-minds, earn points and win amazing prizes. If you are already a member of the VoteMeYo network…thank you. We promise to always be up to your expectations and nothing less. "

What is YoVote?

YoVote is a question created by the members with pre-set answers from which to choose. + As soon as the member answer the question, statistics will be updated real time. This will be a great way to get fast replies to your pressing questions, such as, "what is the best pizza place in town?”

What is YoPinion?

Yopinion is an open ended user-created question. You create any subject or ask any question that comes to your mind. VoteMeYo community will then be pleased to provide you with an answer. In a nutshell, ask anything and everything then wait for the comebacks to arise from all over the globe!

What is YoLike?

YoLike is a subject created by members to which, all you need to do to participate is to the thumb up or thumb down to either say you like to agree, or you dislike to disagree.

What is YoBattle?

YoBattle is a comparison between two subjects (videos or pictures). In other words, You ask a question and display two answers. To vote for one item instead of the other, you click on thumb-up button related to the item you vote for.

What is YoWin ?

YoWin is the core engine of VoteMeYo, it allows you to earn points based on your activity . Soon enough, you will notice that each action you make will be greatly rewarded. You will accumulate points for simple things like (signing up, filling out your profile, daily login, creating a YoVote, YoPinion, YoLike, YoBattle and simply by voting for your friends. The amassed points will be redeemed for all kind of great gifts. On top of all this, daily contest will take place for all members to dig in. The time has come for you to discover your real friends…the ones that will vote for you. It’s time for you to get started, don’t waste another minute!

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