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Win iPhone 6
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YoWin is the core engine of VoteMeYo, it allows you to earn points based on your activity . Soon enough, you will notice that each action you make will be greatly rewarded. You will accumulate points for simple things like (signing up, filling out your profile, daily login, creating a YoVote, YoPinion, YoLike, YoBattle and simply by voting for your friends. The amassed points will be redeemed for all kind of great gifts. On top of all this, daily contest will take place for all members to dig in. The time has come for you to discover your real friends…the ones that will vote for you. It’s time for you to get started, don’t waste another minute!
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$50 McDonalds Gift Card

Win a $50 McDonalds gift card!

whether you’re looking for the ideal, goes-with-everything gift or a simple way to say, “thank you” to someone special, the McDonald’s Arch Card is perfect to give. And even get – buy one for yourself and you’ll always be ready for a cash-free fries run.

•This giveaway will end up at April 20th, 2014

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