What Can Yo Do Here?
Share opinions,
Express your thoughts; give feedbacks in virtually every area of life (music, artwork, shopping, hairstyles, relationships, movies, food, etc.)
Let other people know what you think, and find out if people think the same as you do!
Earn and Win,
Get active, earn points and win the gifts you like. Go Vote!

Get to know VoteMeYo


If you are interested in being part of a network that allows you to be heard, to be advised, to be given the chance of giving your opinion and mostly to express yourself, don’t go any further. You are at the right place. VoteMeYo will now become your favorite social network. You have a question and need an answer? No problem! VoteMeYo has put at your disposition 4 methods to help you create your questions.
YoVote will allow you to create any question and give different answers to your responder to choose from. Enumerate your choices and our users will choose among them to help you make up your mind.
YoPinion is the place where you can ask a question and ask for a detailed answer. Our users will not be limited in their opinions. They will be permitted to tell what they think in order to advise you and facilitate your decision-making.
YoLike, is the simple way of asking question, upload a picture and our users will give the opinion by thumbing up if they agree or thumbing down if they disagree.
YoBattle will give you the chance to upload two videos or 2 pictures on top of the question you will be asking. Once that done, our members will be able to choose between the two items to help you out.
Once you will try VoteMeYo, it will be hard to step back. You just found a new spot online that will help you out in your daily tough decision-making.
Let’s get started!


How Can you Win with VoteMeYo


Winning with VoteMeYo is so simple the much that it will become addictive to you. On regular basis, VoteMeYo will reveal a new gift from which you will choose the one that you are interested in winning. Then comes the time for you to invite your friends to help you win. The more you gather votes from your friend, the more you increase your chances of winning. Join the fun and the challenge with VoteMeYo!


Why socialization is important?


Socialization is important in the development of the individual like their personality and their self-image. It is also important in the development of the society.
The Web provides rich opportunities for making new friends, finding romance, sharing interests with others. It's a great way to get acquainted with people you would never have met otherwise, it is a wonderful medium for communicating and sharing and a critical element in our national infrastructure. Using e-mail, instant messaging, blogs, discussion boards, and chat rooms you can connect with people from around the world.
Social networking sites allow people to build and maintain online networks of friends and others with common interests. Some social networking sites exist for very specific purposes – like creating business contacts, but most of the popular sites offer a wide variety of functionality. These sites are likely to include hosting blogs, photo and video albums, classified ads, forums, e-mail, instant messaging, and entertainment.
Though teens make up a huge percentage of social networkers, millions of adults and seniors are also active on social networking sites.



Social networking products and services have widely different levels of protections for consumers and it is important that you understand the safety and privacy protection of any service you choose to use, as you share and interact online it is important that you do so safely Here is some safety tips.

1. Be smart about choosing profile pictures. Make sure your photos reflect what you want to say about yourself. Provocative pictures may attract the wrong people. Make sure that your images do not contain identifying information such as nearby landmarks or a T-shirt with your school or company logo.

2. Read the Terms and Conditions of the social website. Even some of the most popular social networking sites have clauses that give the service the right to use anything you post in any way they choose. Choose a service that respects your right to your own content and your privacy.

3. Periodically review who has access to your site and make changes if necessary. Friends change over time and once trusted people may become less trusted.

4. If a person becomes abusive, report it and block that person from contacting you again using the social website settings.

5. If a person asks you for a loan or any financial information, no matter how sad the hard luck story, it is virtually always a scam and you should report it.

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